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Welcome to the Future Fund Spotlight!  This is a new feature that shines a spotlight on people making a difference in Pennsylvania politics.  Each month, we will select an individual or group that Future Fund members should know about. We are excited to keep our members informed.  If you would like to submit someone that you feel should be spotlighted, please let us know.

Spotlight: April 2019

Spotlight: Representative Bryan Cutler

Cutler pic

Name:  Bryan Cutler                                                  

District:     100th district                                   

Date Elected: State House November 2006-present, Majority Whip November 2014-present


What made you decide to run for the House?

I grew up in the community and when my sister and I were in High School our parents were terminally ill.   The community’s help positioned me to eventually go to law school later in life, and I wanted to give back to the people that helped me in my time of need.  I ran for office in my third year of law school and won the contested primary the same week I graduated.


What do you find most rewarding about being a state legislator?

The most rewarding part of the job is the ability to make a real and meaningful difference in people’s lives.  Whether it is through legislation or helping them with the difficulties of regulations it is satisfying to get them the right answers and to work on their behalf.   Every day is a new challenge with new opportunities.


Whom do you admire in politics? 

I have always admired Theodore Roosevelt.  He was willing to be forward looking in his proposals and make difficult choices.  He was also willing to do things on his own terms and follow his beliefs even when others were against him or counseled him not to do so.  He failed and was successful while dreaming and daring greatly.


What advice would you give to someone thinking about getting involved in politics?

It is so important to be involved and willing to make a difference in our communities.  Like many others, I believe that limited government and an equal opportunity for all is what has and will continue to make our Country the greatest country in the world. We need more young people to be involved in building our country.  Everything starts at the local level and it is the best place to begin your involvement.


What is your proudest political accomplishment in elective office so far?

For me it is not the legislative or political wins, but the ability to impact people’s lives in a meaningful way.  The ability to coordinate the care and work through the insurance difficulties for a young kid named Noah tops my list.  He was eventually able to get treatment for a rare brain tumor.  He is doing well and stops to see me every year at the Solanco Fair.


Who is your favorite character in a television show, movie or book?  And is it someone you relate to, admire or strive to be?  

As a child I enjoyed reading Louis L’amour’s books about a fictional family named the Sacketts who lived on the frontier as our country was settled.  Jubal Sackett was set in the 1620’s and he lived a simple but exciting life.  He literally broke new ground for others to follow and was the embodiment of the pioneer lifestyle.  To be that adventurous and free is from a bygone time but is still appealing to me.

Representative Jim Struzzi

District: 62nd Congressional

Date Elected: November 2018

What made you decide to run for state government?

I felt with my extensive experience as a journalist, PennDOT Assistant Press Secretary in the Pittsburgh region and President of the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce, that I could make a difference in people’s lives and help our communities and the commonwealth. In those roles and throughout my career, I learned the complexity of the many issues and challenges face and what it takes to work with others to solve problems. And as father of four, I want to make sure the world we share is a better place for our children and future generations.


What do you find most rewarding about being a state legislator?

The opportunity to affect real change to improve our region and state. As elected leaders, we must serve as role models in our communities. That means when young people and others look to us, they see someone they trust and believe in to make things right when they are wrong. As elected officials and state leaders, we are given the truly unique and respected ability to create laws that can fix wrongs, create opportunities and improve quality of life for all people.


Who is your favorite character on a television show, movie, or book? What makes you like them? Can you relate to them in any way?

As an author and avid reader, I have grown up admiring strong, charismatic, respectable and noble characters. But I also endear those who are humble, kind to those less fortunate and at their core, though they struggle as we all do at times, exists with a higher purpose for good. One of my favorites is a literary character created by James Lee Burke, Louisiana detective Dave Robicheaux. First, I am in awe of Burke’s flawless use of verse, character and prose, but his main character is a much like all of us; a flawed human being that chooses to overcome his weakness and works to help others, even at his own expense.


What advice would you give someone who wants to get involved with politics?

Be yourself and remember those you are here to represent. Be respectful of others and appreciate that though we may have different views and come from different areas of the state we are all here to do good for the people we represent. Appreciate diversity and remember the principals our country and state were founded upon. Trust in God and conduct yourself with dignity, humility and always be willing to listen and learn.

Representative Torren Ecker

District: 193rd Congressional

Date Elected: November 2018


What made you decide to run for state government?

From a young age, I have been dedicated to my community.  I have been involved with many organizations from my local fire company, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce and local community center to name a few.  I have taken leadership roles in many of these organizations so that I can impact my community for the better. I always had an interest in politics and public office.  Consequently, when my predecessor announced his retirement, I saw it as an opportunity to make a bigger positive impact on my community.   Also, as a millennial, I want to be a leader that others of my generation can follow.


What do you find most rewarding about being a state legislator?

Hearing my constituents’ personal stories. As a legislator, I get to meet so many people on wide-ranging topics.  It is not lost on me that each person’s story and interest is immensely important to them. Therefore, I see one of my most important roles as a legislator is giving a voice to these stories in Harrisburg.  I love helping people.  It is why I went to law school and practiced law.  It is why I ran for public office.  It is why I love my job.


Who is your favorite character on a television show, movie, or book? What makes you like them? Can you relate to them in any way?

One of my favorite story/movie series is Harry Potter.  Although I can be mistaken by some House of Slytherin characteristics, I believe I share many similarities to the series namesake.  Harry was the unlikely hero.  Many underestimated his abilities.  However, his determination and desire to do good made him a natural leader.  My friends and family have said similar things about me.  I am extremely driven to achieve success but will not compromise my kindheartedness towards others.  Much like Harry, I am a firm believer in leading by example.


What advice would you give someone who wants to get involved with politics?

Get involved with your community at a local level.  Take on leadership roles in your local organizations.  From there, it is important to be present and build relationships with your community so that you will have an appreciation of the things important to the people you want to represent.