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Greg Rothman Won the 87th District

Posted: October 1, 2015

In a special election held in August, Cumberland County GOP Chairman Greg Rothman won the 87th State House district seat. He is replacing Glenn Grell who left the position earlier this year to become the Executive Director of the Public School Employees’ Retirement System. The Pennsylvanian Future Fund proudly supports and welcomes Representative Rothman.

Joint Statement from Republican Leaders urging Governor Wolf to Pass Stopgap Budget

Posted: October 1, 2015

“As members of the General Assembly, we continue to do our job to ensure that taxpayers’ money being collected by Harrisburg is returned to schools and communities. Implementing this emergency funding plan is our best option to help fund our schools and human services organizations that are being hit hard by the loss of state funds. This is an opportunity to keep that money flowing back to our communities while we forge a compromise.”

PA House Majority Leader Representative Dave Reed Discusses the Budget Impasse

Posted: October 1, 2015

Governor Wolf Plans to Veto House Passed Stopgap Budget

Posted: October 1, 2015

Pennsylvania has been operating without a budget since July 1st, so Republican State legislators have been meeting with the Governor to try to come up with solutions, however these attempts have been unsuccessful.  Last week, the House passed a stopgap budget in order to save schools and state funded agencies from dipping into reserves or taking out additional loans.  Governor Wolf has publicly said that he plans to veto this budget.

New Website Surprise!

Posted: September 8, 2015

Welcome to the new Pennsylvania Future Fund website!  The site was overdue for a much needed upgrade.  The former site was underutilized and did not serve Future Fund members in a way that the Board felt they deserved. Along with modernizing the look, we are committing to update the site with a monthly Chairman’s Report.  Additionally, we will have a news section that will provide members updates on current events in the Republican Party. The newly added Spotlight, will feature a group, candidate, committee, or individual that deserves recognition in Pennsylvania politics. This is something we are excited to provide to you.  Please take some time to explore the new site and make sure you check back regularly.

Governor Wolf Holding out for More Tax Dollars

Posted: September 8, 2015

June 30th has come and gone, and while the legislature met its obligation to pass a balanced budget by the constitutionally required deadline, here we are two months later without a budget.  Are you still paying taxes?  I certainly am.

The state is still receiving the revenue needed to fund state agencies, service providers, and our schools.  Yet there is no authorization to spend that money because Governor Wolf chose to veto a budget that was balanced, did not raise taxes, and provided increased education funding.  Notably, two-thirds of the line items were funded at or above the amount that the Governor requested.

The budget impasse is being sustained by the governor, not the General Assembly

Posted: September 6, 2015

Click below to read the rest of an Op-Ed written by Senator Bob Mensch. “The most significant hurdle to enacting a state budget and relieving the burden on social service agencies stripped of funding is our very own governor.”

New Website Offers Updates on Act 89 Projects, Act 88 Projects and Overall Planned Transportation Project

Posted: September 3, 2015

Pennsylvania’s motorists can now access real-time information on transportation projects that have been completed or scheduled through 2026 at a new website developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), according to Senate Transportation Committee Chair John Rafferty (R-44).

Budget Woes

Posted: August 1, 2015

The Republican controlled Senate and House delivered a balanced budget to Governor Wolf’s desk on time back in June, yet Pennsylvania is still operating without a budget! The Republican version of the budget does not increase taxes and offers hard working Pennsylvanian families tax relief while addressing the state’s pressing issues such as the pension system.  It includes increases to education funding, and even privatizes the state liquor stores. All without increasing taxes.

Unfortunately, Governor Wolf is focused on raising taxes and not compromising.  While apparent, to most, Governor Wolf does not realize that his agenda will result in astronomical taxes and bigger government.

Senate President Pro Tempore Scarnati, Speaker Turzai and Republican Leadership did an excellent job at maintaining integrity and doing the job that they were elected to do.

Peduto Blasts Wolf’s Plan to Borrow $3B to Shore Up Pensions

Posted: July 30, 2015

Pittsburg Mayor Peduto, a Democrat, supports a Republican-backed state Senate budget proposal that would have switched new state employees, including legislators, from defined benefits to defined contribution plans similar to a 401(k), in which employees have the option to save and invest some of their paychecks, a portion of which the employer matches.