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Spotlight: July 2016 Representative Seth Grove

Seth Grove Photo

Name:  Rep. Seth Grove      

District: 196th– York County       

Date Elected: November, 2009


-What made you decide to run for the House/Senate?

As a former legislative staff member, I had the pleasure of working for some wonderful State House members and a Congressman.  The decision point came when I realized constituents were asking the same questions, about the same issues.  I wanted to run and address these issues.


-What do you find most rewarding about being a state legislator?

Problem solving and helping people are the two most rewarding aspects of being a state legislator.  It is just that simple for me.  I enjoy the challenges of public policy and trying to navigate the bureaucracy to assist my constituents.


-Whom do you admire in politics?

Definitely my former employers and now colleagues: Stan Saylor, Keith Gillespie, and Todd Platts.  They have been great mentors to me.


-What advice would you give to someone thinking about getting involved in politics?

Politics is the most frustrating, fun, and addicting past time that is capable of changing the future.  Public policy touches all things, so getting involved in politics is an important thing to do.


What is your proudest political accomplishment in elective office so far?

Being considered one of the hardest working legislators.  Being recognized for what you do, whether it is public or behind the scenes, is a tremendous honor.


Who is your favorite character in a television show, movie or book?  And is it someone you relate to, admire or strive to be?

I have watched most of John Wayne’s movie and the “tough as nails” hero whom overcomes all odds has always been a positive influence in my life.  Simple themes like: “fight the ethical and moral fight”, “help those in need”, and “protect the weak”, were ingrained in most of the “Dukes” films.

Wolf Borrows $2 Billion

While campaigning in 2014, Wolf ran several ads criticizing then-Gov. Tom Corbett for taking out a $1.5 billion loan to cover, prompting some to question his latest move.

Senate, House Leaders Call on Wolf to Protect Excellent Teachers

Republican Party leaders, school board representatives and education advocates urged Governor Tom Wolf to support PA schools to sign House Bill 805.  If implemented, The Protecting Excellent Teachers Act would have demolished the method of seniority-based layoffs; instead, teacher performance and quality would guide layoff and reinstatement decisions.

Tobash’s Hybrid Pension Plan Passes House Committee

Republican Representative Mike Tobash’s legislation won the votes and support of the House State Government Committee. House Bill 1499 will create a reformed retirement benefit plan, with both defined benefit and defined contribution factors for future state and public school employees.

GOP Presses Wolf on Education Funding Priorities

State Republican Lawmakers pushed for Gov. Tom Wolf to approve fiscal code which was recently passed by both chambers of the Legislature.  The Fiscal Code would provide more funding for the Delaware County school districts along with many other school districts in the state. Wolf had previously vetoed the code


House Approves Barrar’s Bill to Protect Consumers from Identity Theft

The House approved Bill 1184, sponsored by Rep. Steve Barrar, will protect Commonwealth citizens against identity theft. The Bill revamps the Credit Reporting Agency Act by abolishing provisions that allow a consumer’s credit report security freeze to expire after seven years. The Bill ensures that the freeze will remain effective until the credit-reporting agency obtains a request to remove the freeze.

Greiner Shepherds Historic Ignition Interlock Legislation to Overwhelming Passage in House

State Representative Keith Greiner’s legislation passed in the House of Representatives. Senate Bill will make the ignition interlock program mandatory for some first time DUI offenders. In cases where the interlock program occurs, the driver’s license suspension requirement reduces.

Attorney General Candidate John Rafferty Announces Plan to Fight Heroin in Pennsylvania

Senator John Rafferty, a candidate for Attorney General, revealed his plan to fight the heroin epidemic in Pennsylvania. He wants to create a Heroin Strike Force in order to provide additional training for law enforcement along with reformed coordination and communication between federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Scavello Bill Defining Three-Wheeled “Autocycles” Set to Become Law

Senator Mario Scavello earned final legislative approval. The law gives the popular three-wheeled autocycles a definition and title while also differentiating between other similar vehicles.

Senate Passes Mensch Bill to Continue State Military College Legislative Appointment Program and Mensch Resolution Urging Administration to Update Statewide Radio Network System

The Senate passed Bob Mensch’s Bill to terminate the June 30th sunset date. The date applied to “State Military College Legislative Appointment Initiative” where members of the General Assembly could annually appoint a student in their legislative district for enrollment at the Valley Forge Military Academy.