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Wolf Borrows $2 Billion

While campaigning in 2014, Wolf ran several ads criticizing then-Gov. Tom Corbett for taking out a $1.5 billion loan to cover, prompting some to question his latest move.

Spotlight: Majority Leader Dave Reed

Rep. Reed FF site

Dave Reed was chosen by the Pennsylvania Future Fund because he has done an impeccable job as House Majority Leader. Throughout the rough budget negotiation process this year, Majority Leader Reed had stood up for hard working Pennsylvanians and stayed true to what he and the Republicans set out to do, which was passing a budget and putting it on the Governor’s desk on time.

Representative Reed is currently in his seventh tern in the PA General Assembly, representing the 62nd Legislative District. He was elected Majority Leader of the 199th legislative session of the General Assembly in November 2014. Dave graduated from Homer-Center High School and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics from the Robert E. Cook Honors College at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He interned for Governor Tom Ridge’s Policy Office for Community and Economic Development and went to the University of Pennsylvania for his Master of Governmental Administration Degree, which is focused on effective and efficient government.

While in the House of Representatives, Dave has had what feels are two main responsibilities: pushing for good policies in Harrisburg while providing quality, reliable constituent services to residents in the district. As Majority Policy Committee chairman, Dave conducted hearings about important issues and as Policy Chair he focused on improving quality of life for all Pennsylvanians and improving the climate for job creation.

Reed was elected as Majority Leader during leadership elections for the 2015-16 Session. He is committed to passing responsible, on-time budgets, while focusing on policies that help grow in-state jobs. Dave’s goal is to improve the Commonwealth for current residents and future generations.

Tom Wolf’s Disastrous First Year: Pennsylvania’s Low Self-Esteem

In anticipation of Tom Wolf’s anniversary as Governor, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania is taking a look back on some of the major issues that occurred  during his first year in office.

State Representative Tom Killion Selected As The Nominee for the 9th Senatorial District Special Election

168th District State Representative Tom Killion has been selected as the Republican nominee for the upcoming 9th Senatorial District Special Election.

Governor’s Line-Item Veto Releases Critical Money for Schools, Human Service Agencies; Keeps Government Operating

“Gov. Tom Wolf did what he could have and should have done more than 180 days ago –drive out appropriated dollars to help children and victims throughout Pennsylvania”

The Case for an Independent Inspector General – Sen. Ryan Aument and Rep. Mindy Fee

Senator Ryan Aument and Representative Mindy Fee introduced legislation that would focus on valuing current tax contributions that people make to the state government in hopes to pass a state budget. It would also give the Inspector General more tools to find waste, fraud and abuse.

Senate Passes Measure to Reduce Waste of Unused Property

The Senate approved a measure to seek out cost savings with the current use state-owned and state-leased properties. The Joint State Government Commission will be required to review the utilization and procurement of state owned and leased office space, storage facilities, garages, and other property. State Senator David Argall introduced this resolution after learning of several vacant and underutilized properties owned and leased by the state.

Senate Passes Greenleaf Legislation to Combine Dept. of Corrections and Board of Probation and Parole

The PA State Senate passed Senator Stewart Greenleaf’s legislation that would consolidate the Department of Corrections and the Board of Probation and Parole. This is expected to result in cost savings and increase efficiency. The new Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation will supervise parole agents and parolees.

New State Law Changes Requirements for Tax Collectors

Legislation that provides for greater accountability of locally elected tax collectors and includes a qualification exam, a continuing education program and criminal background checks for new tax collectors was recently signed into law.  It was sponsored by Rep. Mark Keller of Perry and Cumberland Counties.

Greenleaf’s Jury Duty Exemption for the Elderly, Breastfeeding Mothers, and Judges Signed into Law

Governor Tom Wolf signed legislation sponsored by Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf, now Act 54 of 2015, which permits persons 75 years of age and older to opt out of jury duty. The legislation also provides an exemption for breastfeeding mothers and judges.