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Wolf Borrows $2 Billion

While campaigning in 2014, Wolf ran several ads criticizing then-Gov. Tom Corbett for taking out a $1.5 billion loan to cover, prompting some to question his latest move.

Spotlight: Representative Bryan Cutler

Cutler pic

General info:   Name:  Bryan Cutler                                                  

District:     100th district                                   

Date Elected: State House November 2006-present, Majority Whip November 2014-present


-What made you decide to run for the House?

I grew up in the community and when my sister and I were in High School our parents were terminally ill.   The community’s help positioned me to eventually go to law school later in life, and I wanted to give back to the people that helped me in my time of need.  I ran for office in my third year of law school and won the contested primary the same week I graduated.


-What do you find most rewarding about being a state legislator?

The most rewarding part of the job is the ability to make a real and meaningful difference in people’s lives.  Whether it is through legislation or helping them with the difficulties of regulations it is satisfying to get them the right answers and to work on their behalf.   Every day is a new challenge with new opportunities.


Whom do you admire in politics? 

I have always admired Theodore Roosevelt.  He was willing to be forward looking in his proposals and make difficult choices.  He was also willing to do things on his own terms and follow his beliefs even when others were against him or counseled him not to do so.  He failed and was successful while dreaming and daring greatly.


What advice would you give to someone thinking about getting involved in politics?

It is so important to be involved and willing to make a difference in our communities.  Like many others, I believe that limited government and an equal opportunity for all is what has and will continue to make our Country the greatest country in the world. We need more young people to be involved in building our country.  Everything starts at the local level and it is the best place to begin your involvement.


What is your proudest political accomplishment in elective office so far?

For me it is not the legislative or political wins, but the ability to impact people’s lives in a meaningful way.  The ability to coordinate the care and work through the insurance difficulties for a young kid named Noah tops my list.  He was eventually able to get treatment for a rare brain tumor.  He is doing well and stops to see me every year at the Solanco Fair.


Who is your favorite character in a television show, movie or book?  And is it someone you relate to, admire or strive to be?  

As a child I enjoyed reading Louis L’amour’s books about a fictional family named the Sacketts who lived on the frontier as our country was settled.  Jubal Sackett was set in the 1620’s and he lived a simple but exciting life.  He literally broke new ground for others to follow and was the embodiment of the pioneer lifestyle.  To be that adventurous and free is from a bygone time but is still appealing to me.

Spotlight: Senator Ryan Aument


Name: Ryan Aument

District:  36th Senatorial

Date Elected:  Nov. 2014

Note:  Previously served 2 terms in House of Representatives, 41st House District


What made you decide to run for the House/Senate?

I decided to run previously for the House and in 2014 for the Senate because I have seen firsthand the erosion of opportunity in Pennsylvania for individuals, families, businesses and industry.  I want to be a state leader that manages government in ways that promote a true opportunity society, which is built on strong families, vibrant communities, excellent schools and the free enterprise system.  I want to champion policies to accomplish those goals.


What do you find most rewarding about being a state legislator?

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is making a genuine difference.  That often happens at the individual level – through individuals or businesses that have difficulty navigating the bureaucracy of state government.  It also happens through the successful enactment of laws that address systemic problems preventing Pennsylvania and our people from flourishing.  There is nothing more satisfying than transforming our Commonwealth for the betterment of people, businesses and industries.


Whom do you admire in politics?

I admire William Wilberforce who persevered and fought over many decades to end the slave trade in the British Empire as well as the leadership of Winston Churchill, who was a voice calling out from the wilderness during the 1930s warning of the rise and dangers of fascism. I also admire the work of Jack Kemp, Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Marco Rubio who positively advocate for upward economic mobility and earned success for all Americans.


What advice would you give to someone thinking about getting involved in politics?

For people to find success in politics, they must be willing to challenge the existing political systems and entrenched special interests that over time have prevented substantive reforms from being advanced.  Examples include the delivery of educational services, the state monopoly liquor system, and reforming other state government programs to contain costs and promote efficiencies.  They must be also be able to withstand the strong headwinds that will blow back when the status-quo is challenged.


What is your proudest political accomplishment in elective office so far?

On an individual level, my proudest accomplishments include helping each person who needs assistance from my district.  There is nothing more rewarding than meeting the needs of the people who elected me.  On the macro level, I was proud to advance and enact Pennsylvania’s first comprehensive statewide teacher evaluation system which will ensure that our best teachers remain in front of students, which is the most effective way of improving student outcomes.


Who is your favorite character is a television show, movie or book? And is it someone you relate to, admire or strive to be?

I am a fan of one of Pennsylvania’s finest actors, Jimmy Stewart movies. Stewart’s portrayal of George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life is my favorite and a must-see at least once a year for me. Bailey’s character exudes selflessness and love for his community and is something that I believe reflects the most important traits of genuine, value-driven leadership that I work hard to reflect in my service to the people I represent.


Bartolotta: Wolf Budget Calls for Billions in New Spending and Taxes

Check out Senator Bartolotta’s statement on the 2016-2017 budget

Gov. Tom Wolf proposes new tax on cable television, movie tickets and more

  • An 11 percent increase to the personal income tax.
  • A 6.5 percent tax on natural gas drillers operating in the Marcellus shale region.
  • A 6 percent sales tax on basic cable TV, movie theater tickets and digital downloads.
  • A .5 percent tax on fire, property and liability casualty insurance premiums for individuals and businesses.
  • A $1 tax on a pack of cigarettes and a 40 percent tax on cigars, tobacco chewers and vaporized e-cigarette smokers, all of which are not taxed now.
  • An 8 percent tax on casino slot machine and table gaming winnings and a 3.4 percent tax on Pennsylvania Lottery jackpots.
  • An 11 percent increase on the banking industry.

Turzai: New Wolf budget same tomfoolery

Three fiscally responsible budgets for 2015-16 were placed on the governor’s desk, none requiring increases in personal income tax or sales tax.  Each budget funded public education at record levels.  Further, each fully funded every core state government function, including human services and corrections.

Greenleaf Launches Website to Advocate for Donate Life PA Act

Senator Greenleaf recently launched a new website, SenatorGreenleaf,com/organ-donation, to raise support for his legislation to increase organ donations in Pennsylvania.

Spotlight: Majority Leader Dave Reed

Rep. Reed FF site

Dave Reed was chosen by the Pennsylvania Future Fund because he has done an impeccable job as House Majority Leader. Throughout the rough budget negotiation process this year, Majority Leader Reed had stood up for hard working Pennsylvanians and stayed true to what he and the Republicans set out to do, which was passing a budget and putting it on the Governor’s desk on time.

Representative Reed is currently in his seventh tern in the PA General Assembly, representing the 62nd Legislative District. He was elected Majority Leader of the 199th legislative session of the General Assembly in November 2014. Dave graduated from Homer-Center High School and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics from the Robert E. Cook Honors College at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He interned for Governor Tom Ridge’s Policy Office for Community and Economic Development and went to the University of Pennsylvania for his Master of Governmental Administration Degree, which is focused on effective and efficient government.

While in the House of Representatives, Dave has had what feels are two main responsibilities: pushing for good policies in Harrisburg while providing quality, reliable constituent services to residents in the district. As Majority Policy Committee chairman, Dave conducted hearings about important issues and as Policy Chair he focused on improving quality of life for all Pennsylvanians and improving the climate for job creation.

Reed was elected as Majority Leader during leadership elections for the 2015-16 Session. He is committed to passing responsible, on-time budgets, while focusing on policies that help grow in-state jobs. Dave’s goal is to improve the Commonwealth for current residents and future generations.

Tom Wolf’s Disastrous First Year: Pennsylvania’s Low Self-Esteem

In anticipation of Tom Wolf’s anniversary as Governor, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania is taking a look back on some of the major issues that occurred  during his first year in office.

State Representative Tom Killion Selected As The Nominee for the 9th Senatorial District Special Election

168th District State Representative Tom Killion has been selected as the Republican nominee for the upcoming 9th Senatorial District Special Election.